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War stories from Kreston Ukraine

War always divides life into “before” and “after”.

Many of us, who were minding our own business and performing our usual work duties the other day, have changed our focus by 180 degrees. Many of our Kreston Ukraine employees today defend the independence and integrity of our nation, with or without arms.

From today, we will be telling you about our heroes whose daily efforts draw nearer the moment of victory of an independent European country over the insolent Russian invader.

Today’s story is about Taras Dumenko, Director of Innovation at Kreston Ukraine.

Before the war, Taras, along with working in Kreston Ukraine, was a member of the executive committee of the township council of Hostomel, one of the north-western suburbs of the capital of Ukraine. From the third day of the war, Taras took charge of the Hostomel volunteer coordinating council of 23 associates. From the seventh day of the war, he became a member of the Kyiv regional workgroup on humanitarian corridors.

The most outstanding achievement of our colleague to date is the evacuation of civilians from Hostomel, blocked by the invaders. The evacuation of the residents from the township was the fastest among the communities in the region. For selfless work by the order of the President of Ukraine of March 21, 2022 Taras Dumenko was appointed head of the Gostomel village military administration of the Bucha district of Kyiv region.

Here are some records of the progress and results of the evacuation:

  • March 03. A convoy of 30 buses left for Hostomel but failed to reach its destination as the enemy disrupted the evacuation. They had to spend the night outdoors in the frontline zone.
  • March 10. A convoy of 35 buses left for our town, but only 8 arrived there. We moved the residents of the Yagoda housing complex to the Humanitarian Institute building. About 200 private cars left the settlement.
  • March 11. 35 buses arrived at our town, and 29 of them left Hostomel chock-full. The convoy of private cars was about 150.
  • March 14. 14 full buses and 60 private cars left Hostomel. The evacuation convoy was hit by mortar fire, resulting in one death and two injuries.

Many residents of Hostomel refused to evacuate and remained to defend our town against the brutality of the Russian occupants. While we value every life of our fellow citizens, we also give them free choice, which is a crucial paradigm of a democratic society.

We are grateful to the entire team of the Humanitarian Headquarters of the Government, the Office of the President, and the Kyiv Regional Civil-Military Administration for their care for the residents of Hostomel, for the opportunities to get to safety and keep our relatives and loved ones from harm.

We would also like to thank the emergency service workers, bus drivers, and our volunteers who risked their lives to save civilians. Unfortunately, the invaders captured one of the emergency workers during the evacuation. Two others were temporarily detained and interrogated by the enemy.

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