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Imports of electronic circuits into the Russian Federation. Who are the players?

Integrated and printed circuits are used in any electronics, from small appliances to heavy equipment of the military-industrial complex, so sanctions against these products may be the most painful for the aggressor country.

The Russian government claims it will be able to meet its own technological needs. Still, globalization and the specialization of countries at certain stages of production have made it impossible to achieve that goal — no country in the world can manufacture a chip independently.

Numerous companies have already imposed restrictions on selling their products in the Russian Federation. The EU and US sanctions have also become quite severe. Such impediments would further weaken the Russian economy, cut it off from the modern world, and prevent it from independently producing various goods that ceased to supply due to the sanctions. It is crucial to completely deprive the Russian Federation of partners for the sanctions policy to work effectively. Achieving this requires communication with market players to convince them to stop supplying high-tech goods to this country or at least avoid increasing their supply.

What is the sanctions policy of various countries against the Russian Federation? Which technology companies have already left the country, and who are still operating? Will abandoning such a market cause severe losses to tech companies? See the answers to these questions in this report.

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