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Wartime Financial Aid to Ukraine (as of September 18)

From day one of the war, international partners have been helping the Ukrainian army with weapons and other resources. The war has been going on for more than 200 days and has significantly affected the economy of our country, so today, Ukraine is critically reliant on foreign financial support to ensure macroeconomic stability, provide relief to the population, and finance the military sector’s needs.

Countries and international organizations keep on providing financial support to Ukraine during the war and transfer considerable amounts of financial aid to the Ukrainian budget for wartime spending of the government.

See the Wartime Financial Aid to Ukraine infographic by Kreston Ukraine on the scope, donors, and purpose of the announced and received financial aid for Ukraine as of September 18.

We applied an adjusted approach when preparing this update so that funds provided to Ukraine by specific countries through the international organizations’ mechanisms are considered to be receipts from these countries rather than from the organizations, which is in line with the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine. In addition, we have identified and amended the double counting made in the previous versions of the infographic.

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